Naz is the voice of the people. She is a working proud single mother of a son, who is serving our country in the U.S Airforce. Having experience in corporate finance management, administration, and policies. Naz helped educate, resolve financial issues, and made sound financial decisions for people, nationally and internationally, with over 11 years of service at U.S. Bank. N.A and Wells Fargo Bank.

She is also a community activist, radio jockey, and a performer supporting multinational non-profit organizations in arts, culture, talent, education, senior events, hunger, and homelessness. She volunteered time with Fremont Arts & Wine Festival, Food Banks, Festival of Globe (FOG), and Federation of Indian Association. Naz had been a Cultural Director for Fiji National American Association and a coordinator for Education Summit. She is an advisory board member for Rumi Awards and a member of Rumi Literature Awards.

At the age of 17, she began her career at a Radio Station in Fiji working with people from all walks of life. She worked many different radio stations locally and Internationally. She has strong listenership in South East Asian radio networks. Her followers and listeners would set up an alarm to tune into her show even at 3 am while on KLOK 1170AM, or Radio Zindagi or Naz Ki Awaaz (Voice of Naz) on KEST 1450am in Bay Area. She understands FCC regulations, community connection, media guidelines, privacy, and policies. Naz is influential, an educator, entertainer, and the voice of our community. She has compassion, a good listener, executes, and excels in her actions and abilities.

Naz was born in Fiji Islands, brought up in New Delhi, India, and chose America, her homeland. Fremont is her home now, where she resides with senior parents and son for many years. Naz earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Phoenix, San Jose, CA, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Industrial Relations & Personnel Manager from the University of New Delhi.
Naz is fascinated by the dreams of our founding fathers of this great nation, which is why she runs for Mayor of the City of Fremont CA.