Naz Mahika Khan was born in a small village in Fiji Islands. Her father was a small businessman while her mother was a homemaker. When her father’s business collapsed, he lost all hopes, and raising six children became difficult. That is when her mother went to work for a Garment factory and changed everyone’s lives with needs and a good education. Her mom would say, “no one will see whether you have food in your stomach, but your character, presentation, and nature will find define you, get an education and be self-sufficient.”

From an early age, Naz learned about hardship in the family, walking to school, taking care of household chores, and late-night assignments with sisters’ help. Naz is not a child raised with a golden spoon but a child with many golden opportunities. She feels blessed, fortunate, and grateful. She was lucky to get a job at a Radio Station in Fiji at 17, which was an accomplishment in the ’80s. During her college days, Naz received a Scholarship to study in India, where she acquired a Bachelor of Arts Degree before migrating to the USA.


Today, Naz holds esteem, a respectful and trustworthy position in her community and South East Asian community. She is a single mom of a son who is serving the country in the U.S Airforce. Her Radio Jockey career in the Bay Area {Naz Ki Awaaz (Voice of Naz) & Dil Se Dil Tak (From my Heart to Yours) and many more}, as well as Finance background and deep community involvement, makes her feel she is close to fulfilling her purpose in life. She helped many families and businesses with financial issues while working at U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo. She has taught at junior achievements financial literacy.

She loves to serve people and be their advocate, voice, and person in need. She believes bringing a smile on someone’s face and food on some’s plate is more rewarding. She is compassionate about humanity.

She encourages education, embraces loved ones and appreciates seniors, serves any community or person equally, and reaches out to people in need. Still, she would not take videos or photos of feeding the poor to make it a showcase. Naz earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management. Her priorities in life changed, which made her pause on further studies.

Naz feels fortunate to support her senior parents and son with a 9-5 job and lots of hard work and struggles. She is fortunate to meet dignitaries and people from all walks of life. She visited many parts of the world, and still, she is grounded. She loves Fremont and has been her home for years now. She feels the standard of living in this City is getting high, making it difficult for families to stay together in the same City.