Naz’s vision for Fremont is to live up to the dreams of the founding fathers of this great nation. Increase the percentage to affordable housing for low-income families, better first-time homebuyer programs, and grants. Provide subsidized housing for seniors, care facilities, and homeless navigation centers away from urban areas. Frequent mini hybrid bus services free for children and seniors. Work on more parking structures, EV charging stations, bike ports and bike lines, solar panel city lights, wider roads for emergency vehicles and fire trucks to improve traffic flow.

Build more schools to control overcrowded classrooms. Naz will foster investing in businesses, corporates, and start-ups to Fremont for more local jobs and monthly job fares, internships for youths. More jobs mean improving the standard of living, giving work-life balance, and improving the crime rate.

Provide residents a healthy and quality lifestyle by adding more free drive-through locations for COVID-19 testing, a free basic medical clinic for Fremont residents, and free childcare for qualified working families. Also, provide subsidized mental health and legal counseling.

To add to that, Naz would like to make Fremont a Model City where we will have useable restrooms in all parks, including dog parks, a safe, clean, healthy environment. Digital Enhancements in the city for more visibility of changes, announcements, alerts, and awareness. Efficient city services, customer service hotline, and door delivery of city services for businesses, like permits and licenses.

Together we will transform our city where people share their life with peace and harmony, where social justice is a norm, where discrimination is dead for good, and zero tolerance on crime. More unity and safety in the community!