Naz is the voice of the people. She is a proud single mom of a son serving our country in the U.S Air Force. She is born in Fiji Islands. Naz made Fremont her home, where she is living with her senior parents and son. She actively supported diverse groups in education, culture, seniors, food bank, and the homeless population. Naz has experience in corporate finance, administration, management, and media communications. She is a graduate of University of Phoenix.

With many other citizens, Naz also is disappointed with congested traffic, unsafe roads, irresponsible developments, overcrowded schools, homelessness, poor management of parks and public restrooms. Some parks do not even have any restrooms. Many families cannot own a home or afford rent in Fremont, and seniors do not have beds or care facility, so they move out of the city. We are losing our American values, and quality of life is diminishing. COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter have raised concerns about our leadership accountability and justice. Education and crowded classrooms have not been on the priority list anymore. Our environment is not clean; we have poor waste management.

Naz is running for Mayor of Fremont to work with people more closely with honesty and integrity and with a strong focus. Fremont should be a Model City, more efficient, safe, secure, clean, affordable, and prosperous. She would reallocate resources to optimize city services, maintain transparency and accountability.

Naz will work to keep families together, build a future for our next generation, rebuild American values, and a beautiful place for our returning soldiers.

God Bless America!